Bad Effects Of Smoking During And After Pregnancy

An unborn child for which a mother longs for is actually a strong reason to quit smoking. However, there are some would-be mothers who do not stop smoking during their pregnancy because they are not aware of the bad effects of smoking. Have they ever come to know about this, we are sure that there is no such lady in this world who would like to kill her own baby. That is why we are making a humble attempt to make you aware of the bad effects of smoking, in fact deadly effects on an unborn child.

Are you aware that over 20% American women are already used to smoking and that they do so even during their pregnancy? A mother who smokes not only risks her life, but also the life of her baby who has not even entered the world. It is as good as killing a human. Would you like to take that sin/blame on your head?

When you lit a cigarette, the tobacco smoke is packed with over 2500 chemicals such as carbon monoxide, and radioactive metals. Although it is not clear as to which chemicals are bad for your growing baby, it is often estimated that carbon monoxide that is taken in large quantities via the smoke lay adverse effects on the baby.

How Smoking Affects the Baby?

One of the bad effects of smoking during pregnancy is low weight of the child during delivery. Due to smoking, the risk of low weight baby is doubled. This indicates that your baby’s body is not fully grown or developed or that you have given the birth to the baby before his or her maturity date. So, the more cigarettes you smoke when you are pregnant, the more you put your baby at the risk of less development. However, if you quit smoking as the first trimester of pregnancy culminates, your baby will not have to suffer from underdevelopment issues including low weight. This is simply great!

One of the most painful bad effects of smoking is low fetal growth or fetal failure. The moment you have one puff, you have inhaled the toxins like carbon monoxide. These pollutants make their way via bloodstream to the placenta. It is because of this organ that your baby obtains maximum oxygen and nutrients. It is also responsible for removing the waste materials. However, the culprits of smoke block these essential supplies to your baby resulting in less fetal development. Fetal failure occurs when these toxins completely take over the control of placenta damaging it completely.

Besides these two, a few critical long-term risks are induced for your babies such as problems related to physical and mental development, lung disorders, recurrent cough and cold, and learning disorders. Then, after giving a birth if your smoking habit is yet not gone, your baby is prone to have recurrent colds, coughs, and infection in the middle ear leading to listening and even speech problems. This happens as the chemicals in the breast milk enter into your baby’s body. Further, smoking results in small lungs, which invites the problem of difficulty in breathing for the baby. If this situation persists, this can induce chronic bronchitis as well as pneumonia.

So, the bad effects of smoking invite critical health disorders in your baby right from the preterm birth to permanent disabilities. Sometimes, smoking is so cruel that it takes the life your baby, which is called as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

How Is Smoking Harmful to a Pregnant Lady?

The first and foremost risk for a pregnant lady caused due to smoking is a miscarriage. This one reason is enough for a would-be mother to quit smoking. Another risk is of a preterm labor that due to smoking comes to 37 weeks of development.

Besides these two, pregnancy complications due to smoking are also common. One of the complications is placental problems whose risks are doubled from smoking. These problems are placental previa and placental abruption. Due to these two, a lady experiences heavy bleeding at the time of delivery, which can be fatal for the lady and her child. Further, these issues can induce a high risk of stillbirths.

Another common complication is Premature Rupture of the Membranes (PROMS). This is a state caused due to the sac located in the uterus where the baby obtains breaks prior to the labor pain. Due to PROM, the lady might feel that the fluid is coming out from the vagina if the water splits. Upon this, the pregnant lady is taken in the labor in just a couple of hours.

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