Relief of Arthritis Through Physiotherapy Treatment Procedure

Arthritis creates a distressing existence characterized by painful joints. The disease refers to approximately one hundred and fifty different conditions, wherein a particular joint in our body is inflamed causing severe and excruciating pain to the patient. There are times when the inflammation in the joints is so serious that the affected part is rendered virtually useless. This usually happens in the joints found in the hands.

Although arthritis is usually common among the elderly, it can also afflict young people causing a change in their otherwise active lifestyle. Arthritic people, both young and old, will be deprived of the chance to enjoy a dynamic and productive day-to day existence. They cannot take pleasure in such simple activities like gardening, sewing and others. There are even others who found themselves keep tied up in a wheelchair. The ill effects of arthritis can create physical and mental strain on the patient.

Conventional remedies to relieve the swelling and pain in the joints consisted of pain relievers such as oral medications or topical medicines. However, with the passing of years, the efficiency and benefits of physiotherapy have been given due attention by the medical community and patients as well.

Arthritis can actually affect any part of the body, but it normally afflicts the hands and knees. The pain is severe and the attacks vary in times preventing people from engaging themselves with their usual routines. There are also others who take excessive drugs to ease the pain. However, it was found out that anti-pain medications when taken in excess amounts can cause troubles in the stomach if ingested for a prolonged period of time.

Physiotherapy presents an excellent alternative treatment for arthritis. It is not just limited to electrical therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy and spa therapy. At present, medical doctors are no longer skeptical and they recognize the wonders of physiotherapy in giving patients the relief that they wanted.

Physiotherapy as one of the treatments for arthritis comes in various ways. Applying hot or cold bags on the swollen area helps in lessening the soreness. Physiotherapists are endowed with knowledge to assess whether a hot or cold compress is appropriate for the given condition.

Massage is also a prescribed physiotherapy procedure for arthritis. When the inflammation especially those in hands becomes too intense, arthritis can cause them to lose power and control. Massaging the hands can restore its normal functions which enables the patient to enjoy what he had temporarily missed.

Healthcare professionals including physiotherapists have apprehensions for people suffering from arthritis. One of those is the fact that there are patients who do not move enough due to arthritis. The great danger of this condition is thrombo embolism or blood clot formation in the legs that can go to the heart causing a heart attack, or to the brain thereby causing a stroke. Moving the body especially the affected part is what physiotherapists have to encourage the patients to do to prevent blood clotting.

Arthritis can be very agonizing and debilitating. Arthritic patients have to move and exercise their affected joints to avoid it inflammation and muscle rigidity. With physiotherapy, the patient might just regain full use of their body sans pain.

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